Coffee, Teas & Beverages

    • Refreshing FRESH Squeezed Juices

    • Orange Juice

      Orange Juice

      12 oz. Glass, Carafe

    • Grapefruit Juice

      12 oz. Glass, Carafe

    • Pomegranate Juice

      12 oz. Glass, Carafe

    • Mango Juice

      12 oz. Glass, Carafe

    • Chilled Juices

    • Apple - Cranberry - Pineapple - Tomato - V8

      A 12 oz. glass of one of the above chilled juices

    • Juice Combos

    • Strawberry-Orange

    • Cranberry-Orange

    • Pomegranate-Orange

    • Mango-Orange

    • Spiced Tomato Juice - Wheatgrass

    • Fruit Smoothies

      Our 16oz fruit smoothies are made with the finest ingredients.

    • Strawberry Smoothie

      Fat free frozen yogurt, fresh strawberries and apple juice

    • Raspberry Smoothie

      Fat free frozen yogurt, fresh raspberry and apple juice

    • Pomegranate Smoothie

      Fat free frozen yogurt,Pomegranate juice, apple juice, fresh mangoes, fresh strawberries and raspberry sherbet

    • Work Out Smoothie

      Fat free frozen yogurt, orange juice, fresh strawberries, bananas, raspberry sherbet, and a whey protein boost

    • Acai Fusion

      Fat free frozen yogurt, acai puree, fresh strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and raspberry sherbet

    • Banana Berry Berry

      Fat free frozen yogurt,fresh bananas, blueberries, raspberry sherbet

    • Banana Smoothie

      Fat free frozen yogurt, fresh bananas and apple juice

    • Mango Tango

      Fat free frozen yogurt,fresh mangoes,fresh strawberries, and passion fruit mango juice

    • Espresso Bar - Hot Or Iced

      We use super Creme espresso with the combination of quality flavors to create this perfect coffee beverage.

    • Café Americano

      Espresso and hot water

    • Café Vanilla Latte

      Espresso, real vanilla, milk and light froth

    • Café Mocha or White Mocha

      Espresso, chocolate or white chocolate, milk and light froth

    • Cappuccino

      Espresso, milk and heavy froth

    • Café Latte

      Espresso, milk and light froth

    • Blended Drinks

    • Blended Frozen Frappes

      The perfect combination of crushed ice, coffee and sweetness.
      All frappes are 16oz in size, topped with whipped cream and your choice of milk.

      Flavors: Frappe - Vanilla – White Mocha – Caramel – Greek

      - Our Greek Style Frappe is Nescafe whipped to a rich creme combined with ice and milk. Can be ordered sweet or black.

    • Milkshakes

      Indulge in an old-fashioned shake. Each is 16-ounces, made with French vanilla ice cream and only the finest, most fresh ingredients

    • Homemade - Pick Your Flavor

      Homemade - Pick Your Flavor

      Vanilla – Strawberry – Chocolate – Banana Topped with Whip Cream.